3 Guided Adventure Companies in Ontario You Need to Know About

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Ontario, with its sprawling landscapes and diverse terrains, is a paradise for those who love the outdoors. However, for newcomers to the province, be it immigrants or those who are just beginning to explore the wonders of the natural world, the vastness of Ontario can be overwhelming. This is where guided adventure companies come into play. They offer a structured and safe way to experience the beauty of the province, ensuring that even those unfamiliar with the outdoors can have a memorable and enriching experience. Here are three such companies that stand out:

Follow Me North

Situated in Muskoka, Ontario, Follow Me North is more than just an adventure company. Founded by Jesse & Susan, two nature photographers, they offer wildlife & landscape photography workshops in locations like Algonquin Park, Africa, Alaska, and British Columbia.
What sets Follow Me North apart is their combination of adventure and photography. They provide hands-on photography training in some of the world’s most scenic locations. Their blog also delves into personal experiences, from backcountry camping in Algonquin Park to their romantic journey featured in ‘Algonquin Life’ magazine.


Tripshed, it’s known for offering guided adventures tailored to both novices and seasoned adventurers. They provide a range of activities that allow participants to experience the best of Ontario’s natural beauty.
Tripshed’s specialty is in crafting experiences that cater to the preferences and skill levels of the participants, making it accessible for everyone.

Get Out Toronto

Get Out Toronto is dedicated to helping individuals discover outdoor adventures right in Toronto’s vicinity. They curate guided adventures ranging from one to three days in some of Ontario’s most picturesque locales.
Get Out Toronto emphasizes convenience and accessibility. They design fully-planned adventures close to home, eliminating the need for extensive planning or taking time off work. With a range of activities on offer, there’s something for everyone, and their expert guides ensure a safe and enriching experience.

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